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About Burghardt Metal Fabricating, Inc.

About Burghardt Metal Fabricating, Inc.

Company Origin:

In 1958 a sure but modest metal fabricating shop began operations as a partnership in Akron, Ohio, when two of the three founders left a competitor to go into business for themselves.

In 1963 the third founding member joined what is today, Burghardt Metal Fabricating, Inc.

In 1970, after a decade of working out of a garage, Burghardt built and moved its location on McChesney Road, where it currently houses its core operations.

In 1973 a corporation was formed, and due to customer loyalty and long-term relationship building, growth continued.

By 1982 because of workload and capacity, Burghardt required an increase to fabrication space and building size. The founders eventually sold their stock, leaving the company to trusted local ownership.

In 1991 under its current unwavering management, Burghardt embraced a new philosophy of employee empowerment, client appreciation, and product refinement. The business was sparked with a new sense of pride as well as an increased dedication to quality and service. This spirit lives on today.

Our dedicated employees have on average, 17 years of miscellaneous steel experience each. Burghardt has become a recognized name in the industry for quality, knowledge, and customer service. With sales now over 3 million dollars per year, Burghardt Metal has the ability to professionally manage and fabricate a wide range of projects ranging from 1 thousand to 1 million dollars.

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